The stars will sing of it
We're immortal, you and I.
The stars will sing of it
Jasmin, 23 I blog about Merlin (Merlin/Arthur), Harry Potter (Harry/Draco), DW, In The Flesh, Sherlock, etc. I also make gifs and edits. Requests always welcomed!


Don't care if he's guilty, don't care if he's not
He's good and he's bad and he's all that I've got
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I'm begging you please
Don't take that sinner from me
Oh don't take that sinner from me

-Sousuke! Look who I found!!

- Let me help you with that - …!!


Harry Potter as a Television Series 

Harry Potter: Next Generation Seasons 15 - 

James Potter -  Nicholas Hoult 

Albus Potter - Logan Lerman

Lily Potter - Georgie Henley 

Hugo Weasely- Eddie Redmayne

Rose Weasely- Sophie Turner 

Victoire Weasley- Teresa Palmer 

Dominique  Weasley- Dianna Agron

Louis Weasley- Max Irons 

Scorpius Malfoy - Alex Pettyfer 

Teddy Lupin - Luke Newberry 

Fred Weasley II - Dudley O’shaughnessy

Roxanne Weasley - Katerina Graham 

Lorcan & Lysander Scamander - Hunter Parrish

merlin (character)
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Benedict Cumberbatch for Flaunt Magazine.
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Haruka: …Rin…
Rin: Hn? What?
Haruka: …Make a rainbow again.
Rin: Make a…?
Nagisa: Rin-chan, come ON! This way, let’s go!!
Rin: ………….f-fine, I’ll…make a rainbow for you.

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Reminder that this is a real thing that happened and exists and is amazing.

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”

Excuse me. You’re sitting on my grave.

He’s your dad! He’s your space dad.

Merlin + scenery

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